A provider of Emotional Intelligence learning and development (L&D) solutions for the Cambodian workplace.

How we can help your business

We know your business has objectives to achieve, targets to meet and products to make. These challenges are hard and every business needs all the help it can get. MindCamp provides learning and development solutions to all kinds of businesses in Cambodia, applying proven techniques that unleash the full potential of the people who already work in the business.

Every small, positive behavioural change can improve performance and productivity in the workplace. Our perfectly tailored courses can be delivered by our highly-qualified staff in Khmer or English and they’re designed to maximise the potential of your business.

Whatever your company needs, we’ll get your people ready to excel at the challenges ahead.

Our experts will inspire your team

Our in-country experience is unparalleled. Our internationally and locally qualified coaches and executives are immersed in Cambodian life and its culture and we’re dedicated to helping your staff to overcome any barriers and limitations that stop them from ‘freeing their inner awesome’.


Learn more about Sara and how she can improve your staffs’ inner awesomeness. 


Sara Perry - Personal Development Coach and International Facilitator

Sara Perry is an experienced learning and development professional with over 25 years of international experience, gained within both the public and private sectors. That’s the corporate spiel, the fact is, Sara loves what she does and is damn good at it.

As a highly motivated and driven professional, Sara is ruthless in her pursuit to self-educate and upskill so that she has a toolbox of solutions to help those she is coaching, to succeed.

Not only does she possess a proven track record, her experience in supporting organisations through the complete Learning & Development cycle in enviable. Sara has also worked extensively with organisations to develop a strong culture and embed core company values. Sara lets companies discover exactly who they are and what they represent, and is effortlessly excited by the journey involved.

“Sara really helped us to see a different way to approach the challenges we were facing. She was patient and supportive and made everyone feel that their contributions were valued.”
International Non-Governmental Organization.
“Working with Sara has helped us to change our focus and concentrate on doing the stuff that really makes a difference to our bottom line.”
Higher Education Sector

Samnang Chea - Personal Development Coach and Khmer Facilitator

Samnang Chea is an experienced MA clinical psychologist, who has been providing professional psychological development, program management, and training services for over 30 years. Let’s be honest, Samnang is a respected leading light in her field in Cambodia and has a reputation for driving change through relatable content and expert facilitation.

Samnang is caring and empathetic – as a progressive, innovative trainer, she has a knack for ‘reading a room’ and cutting to the core of the issues at hand. But she also has a healthy sense of humour and outgoing personality that allows her to engage at multiple levels.

She has tirelessly worked with people of all backgrounds and is respectful in human development, managing the emotional obstacles of those she is building to succeed.

“After two face to face sessions, and some additional sessions online, I feel very lucky to have met an professional development expert who can help me gain more self confidence and love myself more.”
Khmer Business Woman
Banking Sector (Cambodian Bank)
“Samnang is an expert in her subject. I have gained knowledge and skills that have helped both me and my family members to become more professionally resilient during these unprecedented times. (Program Director, local government unit).”
Program Director
Phnom Penh Government Unit

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