Our Story

‘We believe everyone should be empowered with the right professional skills to succeed in business.’

As business professionals who love living and working in Cambodia, we understand its regional and global status and recognise its untapped potential. Our aim is simply to help each individual reach their full potential, helping Cambodia to thrive as a consequence.

We know what businesses need from their staff and we started MindCamp to help nurture and develop the essential ‘soft’ professional skills that give businesses a leading edge. We coach these vital skills, so you and your team can reach your full potential.

Even the Harvard Business Review agrees with us. They’ve identified that soft skills ‘are key ingredients of critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, adaptive learning, and good judgment.’


Our Vision

‘We specialise in unlocking the professional potential of people and workplaces.’


Everyone has

Everyone has different strengths. But everybody has the right tools inside themselves to succeed, and thrive, in the workplace.

Those strengths are often hidden deep inside, sometimes even hidden from the individual themselves. We call this human potential.


Our Mission

‘Providing professional growth solutions that actually work.’

There are many companies who say they can build your staff’s skills and improve your bottom line. How many of them really work? In our experience, not many.

MindCamp is different. We create customised programmes that help your team to develop their human potential. Our workshops allow participants to reflect on what they’ve learned, practice their new skills and develop a deep understanding of what works for them through ongoing coaching and mentorship.

What’s more, we never stop learning and developing our own courses and teaching materials. This ensures they remain relevant and at the cutting edge – and guarantees that each participant gets the best possible results.

Your business needs solutions that help it to grow, manage change and stay stable. By working with us to build the human potential in your workforce, your teams will drive your business forward. We look forward to working with you on the exciting journey ahead!