Case Study - BRED Bank Cambodia

Making soft-skills relevant for Cambodia’s leading business bank.

BRED Bank Cambodia needed to find a provider of soft-skills training for their clients that was willing to do things differently and better. They knew what they wanted but it was not available.



In 2018, BRED Bank Cambodia with IFC undertook research to find the biggest challenges faced by Cambodian SMEs. Answer – Owners need to focus on growth but their staff do not possess the right emotional intelligence, or soft-skills, to be left alone. They needed staff they could rely on. 

At the time, there were soft skills training providers  in Cambodia but the offering was not what customers said they needed.  BRED Bank needed more, they needed to listen to their customers and provide them what they asked for.



MindCamp needed to develop  curricula to address Emotional Intelligence in the workplace that was also:

  • activity based – have little to no reading/writing,
  • tiered – the needs of managers and staff are different,
  • in Khmer language and be contextualised for the Khmer work environment,
  • short – SME’s find it hard to lose staff for a whole day,
  • and, affordable – they need quality outcomes but have finite resources

The Shine Better Business Academy Soft Skills Curriculum – an eleven topic, multi-tiered, half day program that is packed with learning through doing, and is affordable.


Though the kick-off has been difficult in 2020, both BRED Bank and MindCamp know the product developed was superior and will continue to provide learning sessions as the situation allows. 


In October 2020, MindCamp delivered a workshop called Decision Making (one of the topics from the Academy curriculum ) to Cambodian Business Owners and entrepreneurs, hosted by the French Embassy on behalf of the SBBA. The participants loved the session and the facilitation so much so that they  were already expecting to sign up for the next ones.  


Delivery has also started to BRED SME clients who are looking for a suite of business solutions for both management and general staff. The sessions have been received extremely positively by the attendees and the business owners.



‘Working with MindCamp was a great choice. They never lost sight of the customers’ need and through innovative thinking they delivered what we were looking for.’
Guillaume Perdon
CEO BRED Bank Cambodia

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